A Look at Gambling and Social Media in Korea

Gambling is a popular pastime in Korea, and the government has tried to regulate it for decades. However, social media sites have made it easier for young people to gamble anonymously online without their parents knowing. This article explores how gambling influences Korean society and discusses what the government can do about this issue.

Gambling, Social media and Korea:

  • In Korea, there are many social media sites that people use to gamble. This includes KakaoTalk, Korea’s top messaging app with more than 200 million users as of early 2017. The site offers a chat function called “Betting,” where users can bet on things like horse racing or football matches for virtual money, not real cash.
  • People often don’t realize how much they’re spending because bets start at one US dollar and can go up quickly depending on the game’s outcome (including betting against your own team). In addition, social media poses problems for parents when their children begin using these apps without them knowing – it becomes difficult to monitor what’s going on.
  • The Korea Communications Commission is the governmental agency that oversees telecommunications and broadcasting companies, and they are “concerned” about gambling sites on social media apps because Korea has strict laws against them.

What can the Korean government do?

Some have proposed blocking access to all online gambling sites using DNS filtering, which would be difficult and expensive to do. Korea has made it illegal for banks or other financial institutions to provide services to gambling companies, but this doesn’t stop people in Korea because they can easily transfer funds through intermediaries outside Korea’s jurisdiction.

The Korea Communications Commission wants telecom operators to take down sites that offer gambling activities without the user requesting them by name (like when typing “bet” into a search engine).

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