Games You Can Earn Cash Playing on Your Galaxy S22

Your Galaxy S22 is the only tool you need to start earning cash on the side.

Galaxy users are earning hundreds (sometimes thousands) every month by playing games that pay cash prizes. That’s right- you can earn cash every day when you download the right apps, and we’ve found all of the best money-making games for you.

You don’t have to be a pro-level gamer to earn extra money for playing mobile games. Total beginners to mobile gaming can win cash prizes with our favorite casual games.

This is the best low-key side gig for anyone who wants to earn while having fun. Most games only take a couple minutes to play and win. Get paid to play card games, puzzle games, bingo, and more on your Galaxy.

Here is our list of real money Android games for anyone who wants to make some extra money on their Samsung Galaxy smartphone.

Blackout Bingo

Love puzzle games? Love Bingo? If so, you need this app ASAP.

Blackout Bingo is a beloved real money game that millions of people across the world are playing today. This game is a perfect combination of a puzzle game and a classic caller bingo game.

In this game, it’s your job to get as many bingo combinations as possible to outscore your competitor before the two-minute timer runs out.

Solitaire Cube

Any solitaire fans?

This app makes the once solo game a competitive staple. The object of Solitaire cube is to score as many points as possible with your deck before the two-minute timer runs out. You earn points for every move you make, and you earn the most points for moving cards into your foundation stacks.

Need a refresher on the rules of solitaire? We’ve got you covered.

            Solitaire Basics

The object of solitaire is to organize your deck by suit into foundation piles. Your foundation piles are located at the top left corner of your screen, these piles start from ace and move up to king.

To get cards to your foundation pile, move them from your tableau stacks. You can only move the top card of your tableau stacks. These stacks are organized in descending order (king to two) with cards from alternating suits. In simple terms, cards of the same color cannot be stacked in your tableau piles.  So, if you have a king of spades, you must stack a queen of hearts or a queen of diamonds on top of it. You will not be able to stack cards of the same color suit on top of one another.

If you cannot make any moves from your tableau pile, draw a card from the stack at the top right corner of your screen. You can only draw from the top card in your discard pile. When you’ve reached the end of your discard pile, you can rotate the same stack until the game is complete.

Dominoes Gold

Dominoes players can finally earn cash playing this new take on the classic game. See how much cash you can earn by playing train-style dominoes. Play an identical game of dominoes against your competitor, whoever scores the most points with the set of dominoes wins.

Things to Remember

These are some of our favorite games to earn extra money on your Samsung Galaxy S22. If you’ve been looking for a legit way to earn some extra cash on your phone, you’ve found it.

Here’s what you need to remember about these top Samsung offers.

  • Download these games for free
  • Play unlimited free levels or cash prize competitions
  • Play against real life competitors, never bots
  • Participate in 100% skill-based gaming.

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