How To Create a Waterproof Gaming Setup for Your Bathtub

Do you want a fun gaming session while soaking in your tub? Let’s make it happen! We just need some careful planning to keep things safe and functional. Here’s an easy-to-follow guide that’ll help you mix the chill of bath time with thrill-filled gaming – safely, conveniently, and enjoyably.

Choosing the Right Equipment

Are you ready to play in the tub? First, pick your gear. Go for stuff that’s waterproof or at least water-resistant. Seek out consoles and extras made specially for watery environments. Grab a waterproof controller and some protection cases, too.

Are you thinking about screen options? A splash-proof one would work great, or you could mount a projector in a safe spot with good viewing from the bath. Remember, keep plugs far away from any drips! Try sticking with battery-powered things where possible to avoid electrocution risk.

Setting Up a Safe and Comfortable Space

Safety is paramount when combining electronics with water. Make sure your gear is battery-run or plugged in far from splashes. If needed, use a waterproof cord extension. Have you got an RCD for electrical safety? That’s a good move.

Comfort matters, too. Add some splash-proof cushions or a bath pillow to rest your neck during those long gaming stints. Remember, make sure the water temperature is comfortable and not too hot, as prolonged exposure to high temperatures can be harmful.

Enhancing Your Gaming Experience

Do you want to level up your bathtub gaming? Think about the vibe. Waterproof LED lights do wonders, especially when they change color or dance with your game’s sound. How about waterproof speakers for that full-on surround sound effect?

If there’s room, pop in a little water-friendly table or floaty tray. They are perfect for snacks and drinks! These small extras can really boost how much fun and chill you get out of gaming in the tub.

Maintenance and Safety Precautions

Do you want your tub gaming setup to last? Regular maintenance is key. Make sure you dry everything off after play, and check for any water damage signs. Keep an eye on those cords and batteries, too. Look out for wear or tear regularly. Even waterproof stuff can’t handle constant soaking! 

As a safety precaution, always use a bathtub stopper to control the water level and prevent any accidental overflow. Never leave your gear alone when set up in the bathtub. Always remember to disconnect it all safely once game time’s done.


So, setting up a gaming spot right in your tub is an awesome way to chill and game at the same time. The key is picking out the right gear and making sure it’s a safe yet comfortable place for playing games within reach of soap suds. 

Boosting all that with some extra features can make things really interesting! Safety should always come first, though. With everything done well, you’re ready for countless fun bathtub-gaming hours ahead!

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