How to get started on League of Legends?

If you are a fan of video games, especially RPG, you are not unaware that there is one that is a real cardboard in the world: League Of Legends. But before you consider to make good results, or even to embark on the esport scene, it is necessary to learn the basics.

The concept could not be simpler: two teams of five players compete in a large arena, each controlling a Champion (among 116) for the duration of a game (between 20 minutes and one hour). LoL is therefore a competitive RPG team, a MOBA. Each Champion has four abilities used to kill enemy champions, henchmen or buildings. In return, they earn experience points to increase level and gold to acquire equipment.

League of Legends

In LoL, you have to kill a maximum so that your Champion is stronger than the others. The more you kill, the more you gain experience and the more you become powerful. The goal of the game is therefore relatively simple: to destroy the enemy Nexus while protecting his own. This is the big building in each camp, the one that has a diamond that levitates. Of course, before you get there, you have to get rid of a certain number of parasites: the Champions of enemy players, obviously, but also the henchmen controlled by the AI ​​and the numerous turrets scattered around the arena.

The different elements of the game

Champions: These are the characters controlled by the players. There are currently 116 with new ones every month or so.

League of Legends

Lines: These are the areas that run from one side of the arena to the other. They are three in number: the top (top lane), middle (middle lane) and bottom (bottom lane) lines.

League of Legends

The Jungle: These are the areas between the lines. It is populated by henchmen controlled by the computer, to kill to win gold, experience and bonuses. To get all possible benefits, you may need cheap ranked boost.

The henchmen: They are therefore not managed artificial intelligence of the game, there are four types: the henchmen of mêlée (with a sword), the ranged minions (or minions mages), the henchmen gunners (with big guns and a lot of life) and super-minions (who only appear once an Inhibitor killed).

League of Legends

The towers: They are eleven per camp, divided in the lines and pulling everything that passes within their reach. They do a lot of damage, players often like to use a group of henchmen as cannon fodder to get rid of them.

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