How to sell old postcards

Starting a postcard collection is a fun and easy way to create a keepsake you can enjoy for life. Postcards offer snapshots into the past and allow you to learn about history personally.

Once you start your collection, it can be difficult to know how to sell old postcards. Selling postcards is not as simple as selling other collectibles, such as coins or stamps.

There is an art to selling old postcard that only the most experienced collectors can utilize.

Here are just a few important tips on how to sell old postcards most conveniently and effectively possible.

Know What You Have

If you want to sell postcards, the first thing you need to do is figure out what you have. The value of each card will depend on its rarity, condition, print date, and age.

To get the best price for each piece in your collection, you will need to know what makes it valuable or not.

Take Control of Your Collection

Before you can start selling your cards, you should group them in a way that makes sense for your needs.

Grouping the cards by category allows you to sort through your collection easily when someone requests something specific from your collection.

Look at the condition of the postcard

Next, look at the condition of the postcard. Any cuts or tears will lower the value of the card significantly. Also, check to ensure that there are no creases on the card.

You can fix creases by slightly moistening them and smoothing them out using your fingers on both sides of the card.

If there are no creases on the backside of the card, it should be possible to remove creases on the front side without damaging the image.

You might also want to look at any corners that may be bent or torn off, as this too will affect value.

Trade with a postcard dealer for the best price possible

You can sell your cards to a dealer who will then resell them at a higher price, taking a commission on each sale.

Many postcard dealers worldwide regularly search for rare cards to add to their collections.

Dealers usually buy cards in bulk, so they’re more likely to offer you a lower price per card than if you sold your cards individually.

Bottom Line

There is a subtle art to selling old postcards. Even though some people have no problem collecting antique postcards, everyone can say the same.

Consequently, the vendor should always highlight the best aspect of their particular lot, for example, its condition or the era in which it was produced.

The right combination of words can draw enough attention to sell an otherwise uninteresting lot and make room for more treasures to come.

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