Power Leveling in WoW. What is it and Where Should You Order a Service?

Similar to many other MMORPGs, WoW involves competing quests and gaining items to make your character stronger. However, WoW has several significant differences from projects with similar mechanics. First, it includes much more content than any other game around. This keeps players engaged for longer – some have been playing for a decade, and aren’t planning to stop. Second, the competition in WoW is incredibly stiff, due to an overwhelming number of people in the game. These issues indicated the need for an efficient way to develop characters – power leveling.

What is Power Leveling?

Simply put, this concept refers to a set of practices and techniques for completing the game as fast as possible. Power leveling is applied by most WoW players who set up new accounts these days, since wasting time on developing a character like they would do over the years is simply impossible. If you are planning to utilize power leveling, remember that you’d need to input significant amounts of time and effort into the game.

The Impact of BfA and Shadowlands Updates on Leveling

When Battle for Azeroth was released, level cap increased from 110 to 120. However, the trick here is not in gaining the last 10 levels; this task is pretty simple, and you can easily complete it quickly. Real challenges begin when you gain level 120, since it’s not the end of the game at all. Here’ what you need to do to finish BfA:

  • Increase the level of your Heart of Azeroth to match the current requirements;
  • Raise your faction’s pet to Revered or higher;
  • Gain access to World Quests;
  • Unlock your Cloak through completing a respective storyline;
  • Gain enough Azerite Essences.

And What will happen with the release of the new update – Shadowlands?

Only after fulfilling the above requirements, one can gain access to end game content. Fortunately, there is a more efficient way of reaching the top.

The Best Way to Boost Your Character

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