What Are The Basic Rules & Regulations Of Ludo Game?

Today we can play different games online, such as poker, Indian rummy, ludo, chess, etc. We all have enjoyed playing ludo in childhood and still enjoy playing with friends and family.

Is there anyone who does not know about the ludo game? It is one of the most common and only favorite indoor games for everyone. We all know that it is a strategy board game played by a minimum of two and a maximum of four players. The square-shaped ludo board is generally divided into four parts and has different colors, which are as; red, blue, green, and yellow. Each color and block has been to one player with four tokens. Each player rolls a cube dice one by one and moves their tokens accordingly. Whose all four tokens get into the victory column becomes a winner of the ludo game.

Following are the basic rules and regulations of the ludo game that everyone should know before starting the game;

Number of players –

Mostly every game, like the Indian rummy game, carrom, ludo, etc., takes place in groups. For example, you can play the ludo game between two or four players. So before starting the game, ensure that the number of players is not exceeding four. And it’s a group game, so you cannot play it alone; that’s why at least two players are minimum.

Releasing the pawns –

To start moving your tokens from your block or home zone, you must get a six or one by rolling the cube dice. Therefore, you cannot begin the game without getting six or one. Sometimes you get the required number at first when rolling the cube dice. But sometimes, it takes time to get a six or one by rolling the dice, you need to wait, and that’s why we can also say that ludo is a game of patience.

Pawn movement –

A player must move the pawns from one place to another by following the numbers by rolling the cube. You need to use your observation and analytical skills while moving your means. Evaluate the situation and be careful while moving your pawns.

Elimination of opponent’s token –

Be alert while moving your tokens from one place to another after getting a specified number by rolling the cube dice. There can be a chance of eliminating your opponent’s pawn. And after stopping the opponent’s pawn, he has to move his token to the home zone again and start again by unlocking his pawn after getting six or one.

Get an extra chance to roll a dice –

Generally, each player can roll the dice only once. But if you get six after rolling the cube dice, you get one more chance to roll the dice and move your pawns or tokens. And a ludo player also has one extra opportunity to roll dice after reaching a token in the victory zone and eliminating the opponent’s pawn.

Winning rule –

You must move all four tokens to win the game from home to the victory zone. If your opponent has put all four tokens in the winning block before you, he will be the match-winner. You can also play an online ludo game using a live fantasy app.

So, these are the fundamental and exciting rules and regulations of the ludo game that everyone should know. And if you want to play any other game and learn how to play poker, then you should play online games using a gaming app.

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