What is FUT FIFA 19?

FUT, also known as FIFA Ultimate Team, is one of the most popular modes in FIFA 19. This mode allows you to make your own dream team’s using your favorite players from different leagues.

You can use that team to play the online and offline game with friends, computer or with a random person.

The FIFA Ultimate Team will help you to earn coins that you can use to buy different players or open different packs that will help you to win some random players.

www.fifacoinszone.com allow you to get some luck packs at an affordable price that will help you to earn your favorite player more easily. You can build your squad by using a variety of different ways.

There are about thousands of players present in FUT that you can add in your team. You can not only customize your team but also you can choose your favorite badges, coaches, kits, stadiums and a lot of different things to make the mode more interesting.

When you play FUT mode for the first time, you will be provided a starter pack that will have many players from the country you choose.

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You can choose a single player for the top 5 players, and that will be considered as a loan item.

 Load item means that the particle selected player will be awarded on Loan and you will be able to play particle number of games with that player.  However, that top players will help you to boost your FUT squad.


In FTU, players are divided into three different categories. The categories include silver, bronze, and gold. Players are giving different categories according to their experience and skill level.

More the skill level will be, the higher the category will be awarded.  Player’s skill and the quality level is distributed among different things like Passing, Shooting, defense, pace, physical, and dribbling.

For goalkeepers, the categories are different and contain Handling, Reflexes, Diving, Kicking, Positioning, and Speed of the Keeper.

You can view the player’s bio to see his attributes. The greater the skill level of the player, the more coins will be needed in order to purchase him.

FUT kits

After choosing your favorite team in FIFA 19 Ultimate, the next thing you need to do is to select the squad kit. FIFA 19 provide you different kits to choose from, for your team.

There are two different kits for a single team. One kit is home kit, and the other is away kit. The home kit will be used when you will play matches at your home ground, and away kit will be used when you are playing games outside your home.

However, in the beginner, there are not much kit options to choose from, but by gaining some coins, you can buy new kits, or you can win some cool kits from packs.


Before playing different FUT matches, you need to play Starter Objectives in FUT. These different Objectives assist the user in learning basics about the game. You will get a reward after finishing those objectives.

The objective will assist you in learning about the transfer market, matches and method to buy players. Some of the objectives contain simple tasks like naming your Fifa Ultimate Team.

After completing the objective, you will get some coins and packs that can use to upgrade your team.

It is very important to finish those challenges because they will help to improve your team once you have done all the objectives; it’s time to show your skills on the ground.

Sell players

If your player is not performing well, then you can sell your player and have some vacant space. You can even upgrade the player skill level. To increase the authority of your team, you need to perform well in the maximum matches.

To make the game more interesting, FIFA has introduced a lot of new editions of players. There are different challenges throughout the FIFA Ultimate Team mode

Different challenges include Man of the match, Purple Hero players, Team of the week, and many more. You can earn some high reward by completing those challenges. So try to deliver your best in different challenges.

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