But seriously, about cybersport and the Olympic Games

Various experts have repeatedly raised the topic of including esports events as a discipline of the Olympic Games. This is confirmed by the huge amount of news about the successful performances of young athletes in various major world tournaments. Audience interest is constantly growing in the field of esports and the main games: CS: GO, League of Legends and Dota 2.

Back in 2015, the Korea Esports Association (KeSPA) officially approved esports as a second-tier sports discipline. The decision was taken by the local Olympic committee. This initiative confirms the seriousness of large organizations, however, in order to become a full-fledged Olympic sport, esports needs to get a level one discipline category.

After all, it turns out that esports received recognition only from the Korean committee, but for real credibility, it is necessary to receive recognition from the IOC.

Who does build a positive image of esports in the eyes of modern society?

Despite the widespread popularity of esports games and high-profile victories, most countries lack quality industry support. In order to influence esports on a global scale, it is necessary to create a huge number of conditions at the national level.

Many companies cannot invest in coaching esports players, developing their own brands and creating media channels. However, there are still similar organizations, for example, the Ukrainian platform ESportsBattle. The mission of the platform is to promote and develop the global esports community and support esports players representing Ukraine at international competitions. There are:

  •  24/7/365 commercial esports tournaments;
  •  270+ highly-rated players;
  • 15K+ matches per month;
  • 10+ streams simultaneously.

ESportsBattle Academy is an educational platform for ambitious e-football (FIFA21), basketball (NBA) and CS: GO gamers, professionals in the esports professions. Former professional esports players develop their skills under the supervision of experienced сoacjes and mentors: Arseniy Salay, Oleksandr Osnach, Andriy Andrik Mazyar, Andrew Dangel Farbun, Volodymyr Biryushov.

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