Player Iron or Game Improvement Iron: Which One is for You?

With a lot of options available in the market today, choose a good set of irons can be challenging. Irons are categorized into “players” and “game improvement” and putting these categories at opposite ends of a spectrum will give you even more options to choose from.

But, as you take part in golf, you can start narrowing your choices down by knowing which category you will focus on. What’s important is to choose an iron that suits your golfing needs. To make your final choice, consider the following:

How the Iron Performs

If you are a golfer who needs to hit the ball higher, wants more distance, or prioritizes maximum forgiveness, then choose the best improvement irons. But, if you have more interest in your ability to work the ball, play an iron that provides a softer feel and sound at impact, and control trajectory, you will need a player iron.

How Often you Find the Clubface’s Center

A lot of golfers do not keep an eye on what is going on at impact. They only concentrate on the results which they have to take note of as hitting the clubface center does not assure a great golf shot. While you can flush it, when you have a swing path problem a clubface that significantly opens or closes at impact, you won’t have your desired result. When you tend to hit the ball in the center of the clubface more often, you will need a player iron.

Where your Game is Heading

If your handicap has been constantly improving and have lots of free time to play and practice, think about getting a set of play irons so you can continue your upward trend. Meanwhile, if have limited golf opportunities because of different life commitments and other reasons, pick a golf club which might not look as cool in your bag but let you better enjoy the opportunity to play golf.

Your Tendency to Do Bad Shots

For average golfers, golf is about the bad shots. You need to evaluate how good are your bad shots to determine the kind of iron to get. Are your shots leading to huge numbers? Are they disastrous? If so, you want to steer clear of player irons. To improve your game, you need to make your bad shots less penal and this is what game-improvement irons can help you with.

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