What to expect from The Hunger Games exhibition? Find here!

The Hunger Games movie franchise made $3 billion at the global box office. If you are a fan and happen to be in Las Vegas, you should make time for The Hunger Games exhibition. The exhibition has been touring parts of the US and Australia, and finally, it’s in Vegas, where you can catch it at MGM grand. What’s the hype around The Hunger Games Movie Exhibit about? We have a guide below of what you can expect.

An overview

The Hunger Games exhibition, as the name suggests, is an exhibit designed for fans and those who love immersive experiences. Offering everything you would want to know about Hunger Games films, the exhibit gives the chance to check props, costumes and even indulge in archery experience. One of the more important inclusions are 11 set recreations, which offer guests a simple insight of the world of Panem, without being boring. Walk around the Hall of Justice, District 13, and The Tribute Train, and we loved how attention has been paid to minute details.

Check the costumes and props

The Hunger Games was famed for its costumes, and the armor that Tributes wore for the movie had incredible influence on fans and lovers of fashion. As many as 30 original costumes from the movies are at the exhibit here. If you always loved how Katniss’ dresses were stitched to perfection, you can actually take a look at everything, including the iconic wedding dress, which also includes Swarovski elements. Original props can be also checked in person, so find the bows and arrows that were used in the movies, and Plutarch’s bag is also available for a close view. It is allowed to take photos with the props, so you can take back good memories.

Don’t miss Archery Training Experience

One of the main highlights of the exhibit is the Archery Training Experience, which is all about learning and trying to take shots. Experience the love that Katniss had for archery at the digital training lab, and there is a huge training screen, which is the largest in the world. If you always thought that the Las Vegas strip is unique, this is one experience that will blow your mind. There is also stunt choreography installation at the exhibit, so you can check what it felt to get trained for the iconic movies.

Check online now for tickets, and you can contact the exhibit for group bookings.

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